about the sugar


I've always loved baking, fashion, makeup and all things girlie so when a good friend introduced me to the world of cakepops, I was hooked.  I started with simple designs for my friends and family and knew I had something when the pops were affectionately nicknamed, "crack-pops".  Every order was a new challenge and a learning experience.  I've never studied Pastry and Baking professionally but as I tell my friends, everything I know, I learned at Google and YouTube University.  It's been an amazing ride and the smiles I get with each order is the driving force behind my passion.  

I recently added some other sweet treats to the S+S menu and will continue to do so, as long as your sweet tooths allow me.  I love making everyone happy through sweets and would love to be able to make your sweet dreams come true too!

Jessica-Sugar Designer

Born and raised in Florida, Jessica grew up baking for family and friends on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She always loved the way baking was so exact and even the smallest pitch of baking powder could change a recipe.  She has a background in the Beauty + Makeup Industry so creating beautiful sweet treats seemed like a natural fit.  After all, who doesn't love a bite sized treat that looks almost too pretty to eat...almost.